Hello everyone. Welcome to Tunx Straps. Started from collecting watch bands as a hobby in 2012, leads to the urge to make my own Perfect Straps. Posted them online persistently and here we are now, creating a solid community over the years. Market is changing, and so are we! Starting from a home-based business, now we want to grow big and even bigger! And we are proud to say that :


  1. Each strap in our store is created by hand with the smallest detail in mind, from edge, stitch, to the tip. We believe in saying more with less, and we always make sure our handmade goods deliver satisfaction to you.
  2. Your trust is highly appreciated, and to have the trust, we’re going through some years to make our straps perfect, perfect, and more perfect. You can read some review and testimonials in online media.
  3. We’ve spent a good time around the world’s most knowledgable collectors, and bring the products that we ourselves love and use daily. We think that says it all. Join in, and you will love it too.

We hope you enjoy what you’ll discover in our site as much as we do.